Getting Started

Step 1. Init your account

Setup your FTP Username and Password, you need to ask our mentors to do this, they will setup everything for you.

Step 2. Install Text Editor

To write your HTML page, we need a text editor, here we gonna use Brackets, go to:, click "Download Brackets" button on the left.

If you already installed other text editor, like Notepad++, or Sublime Text, you can skip this step.

Step 3. Install Cyberduck

To use our FTP server, we need to install a software named Cyberduck, go to :, download Cyberduck according to your Operating Systems.

Step 4. Create your index.html

1) Open Brackets, then click "File" > "New", it will give you a blank file, write anything you want, for example, "Hello, I am Devon, this is my web page"

2) Click "File" > "Save" to save it, give it a name "index.html", and save it to your favorite place, like your desktop.

Step 5. Upload it to your server

1) Open Cyberduck, click the button "Open Connection" on the left-upper corner, it will show a panel, in the "Server" field, type "", in the "Username" and "Password" fields, type your username and password that you gave to our mentors in the first step. Then click "Connect".

If it shows some warning info like "insecure connection", just ignore it, click "Continue" button.

2) Drag the "index.html" you saved in step 4, move it to Cyberduck window, it will show another window, make sure the "Overwrite" is selected in this window, then click "Continue".

3) Open http://<yourusername> in your browser, for example, if the username you used is devon, then type in your browswer, you will see what you just made.

Next we will learn how to write HTML, then repeat step 5 to update your website.